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Green hybrid bear
[Image: attachment.php?aid=90]

Name: Beast
Age:10 plus
Species: Green hybrid bear (scaled up version of earth's grolar or prizzily bear)
Height: 36 ft
Weight: 6 tonnes
Physical Description: Green fur,eyes, skin, blood etc. Smaller and weaker than the indigo male ice bears yet larger than the yellow bears.
Picture: (if applicable)
Clothing/Accessories/Weapons: Thick fur, strong jaws, strong paws, physical strength, dark power from evil black death.
Personality: Cruel, calculative, confronting aggressive, scheming
Backstory: Beast was the hybrid offspring of a male indigo ice bear and a female yellow bear. The male indigo ice bear killed a male yellow bear and mated with the female yellow bear not knowing the yellow bear had defected to evil black death. 
Abilities: Intelligence, the most powerful bear on planet Sapphire after the indigo ice bears and sapphire bears were raptured to the Kingdom of Life.
Weaknesses: Due to receiving evil black death's power, he is now evil black death's slave.
Additional Information: Beast was a very rebellious cub.
[Image: bzvulture_max-br_1.png]

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