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Eurasian Lynx
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Olive Baboon
8 53.33%
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Eurasian Lynx v Olive Baboon
Quote:I am pretty sure if a troop of baboons killed a leopard they would have eaten it.
Don’t be so sure; there’s only one documentation of a non-human primate eating a leopard as far as I’ve seen and that’s the case of the Bili chimpanzee. Not even the cubs that are sometimes snatched by chimps are eaten, merely killed. In the case of the leopard being killed by two baboons the troop displayed no interest in eating the body anyway.
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I wonder if having felinepower comment on a cat vs cat matchup would cause a paradoxical calamity.
There are many types of people in this world; None of them are as smart as they think they are.
a cheetah (after 'swiftly' killing a large male baboon) was then killed by a troop of baboons in retaliation. the injuries described where severe, and all over the body. it was not eaten at all, merely torn up
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I believe a female leopard named half tail killed a young baboon before a troop of six baboons came down on her. Half tail managed to escape but half her tail was gone. That's how she got her name.
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A blue(Sapphire) fire hawk from planet Sapphire.

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