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Grey Wolf (Pack of 2)
3 42.86%
Eastern Gorilla
4 57.14%
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Grey Wolf (Pack of 2) v Eastern Gorilla
I am questioning if two wolves are actually enough to handle a eastern gorilla since if a single grey wolf gets incapacitated then the other one is pretty much screwed.
[Image: 12-facts-aztec-warrior-770x437.jpg]
O forgot this was a thing.

Anyways, I dunno who to favor yet. I just know this may be of both relevance and consequence:
[Image: 6edif8.jpg]
This study here suggests the Eastern gorilla averages 162.5kg and not 195kg like the op suggests:


Plus, I've never seen any source for the 195kg figure other than Wikipedia.

Still, I think the gorilla wins due to size, strength, and arms + hands.
From a neutral point of view, I support the gorilla because of its size advantage. The wolves however will use their agility to evade the gorilla.
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRvrzjqcLyE2x1TQvejwfq...4IDvD2d3Tt]
What do i think about this fight.

Gorilla can easily kill a wolf just like a gorilla that killed bulldog:

Giant Ape Quickly Victor in Battle in Arena. 
NEW IBERIA, LA., Feb. 4.—A battle to the death between a gorilla and an English bulldog, in which the gorilla was victorious, was fought here last night, with almost the entire male population of New Iberia as spectators. Much money was wagered. 
A pen 12 feet square and 8 feet high, with seats on all sides, was arranged for the combat. The dog and gorilla were placed In the pen at midnight, and at 12:02:30 a. m. the dog was dead.
The dog leaped at the gorilla immediately after being placed in the pen. The gorilla caught the dog just as man catches a baseball, then bit quickly through the dog's skull into the brain, broke Its back and tore it to pieces.

 Another wolf will bite the gorilla, but it won't be a problem (something like this will happen):

[Image: 22-wolf-and-bear-friends-1-e1529007477847-768x346.jpg]

Afterwards another wolf will run away or will be killed.
A tiny English Bulldog against a 200kg muscular Ape? What good is that? If the fight started at 12 midnight exactly, then it took longer for the 200kg Gorilla to kill this tiny dog than it takes some Wolves to kill dogs.

And African Golden Wolves are not scaled down Gray Wolves, they are small prey specialists, and Hyenas are a lot more durable than Gorillas for their size, if not already as it is.

A Bear is also not comparable to a Gorillas durability due to fat, thick fur and thicker flexible skin.
^ At the least gorilla can survive a gorilla attack. But wolf will be killed in seconds.  Gorillas are more durable than wolves.

They are not like chimps. They look like humans and dangerous animals for leopards.

I know, I don't know who to favor yet, I just found it unfair how you used a less than 30kg Dog as a feat, and scaled the Bear from Golden Wolves, Hyenas and Bears.
(01-12-2019, 03:25 AM)Ryo Wrote: I know, I don't know who to favor yet, I just found it unfair how you used a less than 30kg Dog as a feat, and scaled the Bear from Golden Wolves, Hyenas and Bears.

There is no other option than to compare these animals in this way. But it will look something like this (90% out of 100%). Wolf and gorilla will never meet in the wild. We can compare chimp and two coyotes or male baboon and two jackals.

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