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list the top 3 cutest dogs.
What are the top three cutest dogs in your opinion? In my opinion the top three cutest dogs are the pekingese, the pomerian, and the Chihuahua. Out of the three, the Chihuahua has the least hair and the most aggressive.
1: Shiba Inu. Goddamnit, how can you be so cute and so bloodlusted for the flesh of small game at the same time?

2: Labrador retriever. this is very personal because I own two right now, but damn it she's so cute.

3: Literally any sort of puppy. Because. They're puppies. However, must I choose one puppy, I choose that of the Pomeranian.
1. Puppies and small dogs of any breed or mix. 
2. Old Dogs with white muzzles and a happy go lucky calm attitude. 
3. My dog.
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