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Regal Darner - Coryphaeschna ingens
Regal Darner - Coryphaeschna ingens

[Image: 902]

Scientific classification
Kingdom:  Animalia
Phylum:  Euarthropoda
Class:  Insecta
Order:  Odonata
Infraorder:  Anisoptera
Family:  Aeshnidae
Genus:  Coryphaeschna
Species:  Coryphaeschna ingens  (Rambur, 1842)

The eyes are green in young individuals and males, but become deep blue in older females. The wings are clear, except in females which change with age as described for the genus. The abdomen is brown with narrow green markings. The basal segments are swollen and there is no noticeable constriction following them.

Total length: 85-90 mm; abdomen: 64-78 mm; hindwing: 54-60 mm.

Similar Species.
This large coastal species may be confused with the equally large Swamp Darner (Epiaeshna heros). The latter however, has a brown pterothorax with green stripes, while the Regal Darner is green with brown stripes.

Lakes and slow flowing streams with heavy vegetation.

This species is unusual in that males don't defend or patrol territories though it is not unusual to see large numbers of males in feeding swarms. They are strong fliers that rarely perch, but rather have the tendency to flush out prey by flying close to vegetation. Like several other darners they may be rather active at dusk.

Southeastern U.S., Cuba and Bahamas.
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