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Create Your Own Hybrids
Create your own 50/50 hybrid of any two animal species! Include its name, the animals its a hybrid of (even a hybrid of a hybrid), a brief physical description, and anything else you might want to add!

The BearShark
The arms and legs of a grizzly bear, with the body and jaws of a great white shark. The bane of campers and surfers all the way across the American Coastline

The Honey Seal
Sounds cute right? Wrong. This thing has the legs, claws, flexible spine and thick skin of a honey badger, combined with the size and head of a leopard seal. Hide and Pray It Does Not Find You.

The Gorillion 
A hybrid between a mountain gorilla and an African lion. These terrifying creatures have hands and ape-like facial features, but weigh as much as a lion, and will ready eat meat. Males have huge manes of hair around their heads, and females are smaller but no less fearsome (I realised halfway through that I'm describing a baboon)

BearShark 2
BearShark but now it has a huge set of bald eagle wings

(The following were obtained using a randomiser with a list of animals)

The Dimetropir
A hybrid of a mountain tapir and a dimetrodon. It has the body plan of a tapir with the jaws and sail of a dimetrodon. Those poor jaguars never saw it coming.

The Koauar 
Perhaps a direct result of the evolution of the Dimetropir. This jaguar/koala cross is medium sized with a spotted body and long claws, but has a bear-like structure and face. It typically stays high in the treetops to avoid the Dimetropir, and will only hunt for a large monkey, bird, or reptile about once a month and will then go back to sleep.
I mean tbh the larger subspecies of gorilla silverbacks already weigh roughly the same as a male lion. Also you forget to factor in climbing abilities lel.
[Image: 5u3d6w.jpg]
True, it meant more that it had a similar distribution of muscle to lions. And I suppose a gorilion could climb fairly well, but then again, why would it need to?
Quote:but then again, why would it need to?
Pffft, beats me.
[Image: 5u3d6w.jpg]
Unless for some reason it ambushes its prey from trees like leopards. OP plz nerf
Jornyx, Hybrid of Jaguar and Ornyx. Body of the ornyx, head of Jaguar

Hairy Ass, Hybrid of Donkey and Hairy Frog Body of Donkey, head of Frog

Bougar, Hybrid of Cougar and Bunny. Rabbit Ears and back legs rest is Cougar

All from random Animal Generator
An animal with a lappet faced vulture's head and has the body of a polar bear and large wings for soaring. It has back paws like a polar bear but its front feet is more like that of a vulture. This animal robs griffins and hippogriffs of their kills, the same way a lappet faced vulture robs a martial eagle.
[Image: bzvulture_max-br_1.png]

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