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What is your opinion on slut shaming?
Not so long ago, I thought that it's stupid, and people who slut shame are just assholes, but later I got convinced that it's a necessary bad to keep our civilization from collapsing:
Sluts make the world go round.
With the recent trend of teachers hooking up with students, this technique may actually work.
Depends if the someone is actually a slut or not. Calling someone a slut gets thrown around like an accusation.
Adults making fully independent decisions about social-interactivity via informed mutual consent is, IMO, fine.

(But parading sexual perversity so brazenly in public is perhaps going a bit far, for decent social* decorum).

Likewise, wildly inflated, or downright false accusations regarding interactions, are used to harm people, that's bad.

Also, if coercion/power & control abuse, or deceptive practices which will also result in a bad outcome for others,
is being exerted, well yeah for sure, that's bad, too.

*Depending on the cultural context of course, the in-your-face Rio-type street festivals are ok for some, but would be
unthinkable in a conservative Islamic community ( not in public anyhow, only in private, there).

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