Poll: Physical Pain vs Emotional Pain, which is worse?
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Physical Pain
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Emotional Pain
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Physical Pain vs Emotional Pain?
Which is worse, physical pain or emotional pain?
Out of the ones I experienced, emotional pain, out of all, I'm not sure. Kidney stones are said to be about as painful as childbirth by some, while cluster headache and trigeminal neuralgia are said to be even worse by some.

Behold! The chair of torture:

[Image: chair-torture.JPG]

Would you rather sit on that till death yourself or watch your mother sit on it till her death?
Is this a quest...

Physical pain of course.
[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcT3njqF11jQ7D2WpTr-l...iTQwMphaum]
Having experience of both, I'd have to remark that anyone who reckons that 'hurt feelings' is worse,
really hasn't had to suffer severe physical pain, such as a burst appendix, or a massive injury, will cause.

In my view, emotional distress is a bit like eating super-spicy food, while it 'feels' like real painful burning,
unless you actually do something stupid to relieve the awful sensation, it won't do permanent damage.

You can develop a healthy resilience to cope with emotional upsets, but bad, permanent physical injuries can
certainly wreck much of your future potential, regardless of how well you mentally cope with the pain & disability.
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There is absolutely no way emotional pain is worse than physical pai-

[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcSRwCCkeQVoPROIClhbE...LBwmnBn0c_][Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcSRwCCkeQVoPROIClhbE...BwmnBn0c_9]

I ask myself, why must we all live in such an Oh so cruel world? Why did he have to live in such a cruel world?
Poor old fool Timothy Treadwell, he got a massive dose of both, for his grisly demise.
Physical pain is worse. I voted emotional pain by accident since I was on my phone and was half-drunk.
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I think it very much depends. I think that as a whole, emotional pain is worse. The thing about physical pain is that in most cases, there is an end to it, whereas the emotional pain of something everyone experiences, such as losing a loved one, may diminish, but it never goes truly away. Some physical pain is worse than any emotional pain and can also last indefinitely, but very few will ever experience such pain.

So, in short, I think physical pain can be worse, but the overwhelming majority of people will suffer more from emotional pain in their lives.
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^ An actual girl in the forum?

[Image: giphy.webp]
Trans girl, actually. It's part of the reason why I understand emotional pain so well. Dysphoria is a constant presence in my mind, sucking out my livelihood at every opportunity, making me feel like every day I live in my own body is a waste of time. I know I will have to go through intense physical pain in the future to ease my dysphoria, probably more painful than anything else I will feel in my life, but I will happily face it to ease my mental torment.
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(02-15-2019, 09:30 AM)DarkGricer Wrote: Trans girl, actually. It's part of the reason why I understand emotional pain so well. Dysphoria is a constant presence in my mind, sucking out my livelihood at every opportunity, making me feel like every day I live in my own body is a waste of time. I know I will have to go through intense physical pain in the future to ease my dysphoria, probably more painful than anything else I will feel in my life, but I will happily face it to ease my mental torment.

Ummm. Kindly elucidate here if you will, D-G.

Is "Trans girl" a homosexual male, who wants to go for hetero-guys, or a butch girl who wants to assume a male role?
Or something even more confusing?

I recall watching a grim movie, ( was it 'Big Girls Don't Cry', or something like that) with Oscar-winner Hillary Swank
playing the 2nd kind, covertly assuming a male role, & who fell savagely foul of being found out in her deceit.

An awful situation.

Do please try, as best you can, any time you feel hopeless/despairing to an Nth degree, to recall the 'Serenity' mantra,
& duly grant yourself the:

'Serenity to accept the things you cannot change,
courage to change the things you can,
& the wisdom to know the difference'.
A trans girl (or woman as people usually call it) would be a biological male who transitions into a woman. It is a pretty common misconception that this transition has to do with sexuality or pre-existing masculine/feminine expression. 

There are many trans people who are attracted to people of their birth sex, but they don’t transition for that reason, and there are plenty (such as myself) who are attracted to the gender they end up transitioning to. Similarly, people don’t transition because they express themselves in a fashion associated with the opposite sex. A feminine man is just a feminine man, and a butch woman is just a butch woman.

The reason why trans people exist is a neurological condition called gender dysphoria, caused by the brain developing into that of the sex opposite of that of the body (in my case, a female brain in a male body). The mismatch causes a feeling of dysphoria towards their sexual characteristics, their social treatment based on their gender, or both. The intensity of this dysphoria varies from person to person, with there being a few who need to do little more than dress as the gender they identify as. For most, however, a medical transition is required as treatment, involving hormone therapy and surgery to alleviate the dysphoria by making the person’s body resemble that of the sex they identify as.

Being trans is a lot more serious than most people realize. As I said previously, gender dysphoria sucks out my livelihood at every turn, making me feel depressed for something as simple as not having been born biologically female. It is these intense, oppressive feeling that lead to the 41% suicide rate amongst people diagnosed with gender dysphoria, with many more having suicidal thoughts. I consider myself lucky not to be amongst the ones whose minds have gone there, though I can certainly see how they did. I am a pretty positive person overall, but when it comes to my gender dysphoria, I can’t help but see it through an seriously pessimistic lens, no matter how aware I am of the fact that I’m just thinking pessimistically.

I definitely appreciate your understanding and support, Mondas. Thought I can’t say I’ve even heard that mantra before, I think I’ve actually been living most of my life by it regardless. Unfortunately, no matter how much I accept the things I can never change about my body, it won’t make them stop hurting. But that doesn’t mean I don’t try to change everything I can. Soon, I will start my medical transition, and training my voice to sound feminine. I know I’ve got a long road ahead of me, but it’ll be worth it.
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Look, DarkGricer, I do not wish pain on anyone, even those who may seemingly deserve it, by their own actions.

But seriously, you are effectively tormenting yourself, by re-investing such delusional-level 'belief' so relentlessly.
Such ideation is of mental origin, & can only be countered by effectively addressing your mental issues, not surgery.

You will never be an authentic natural-born female of the species, no matter what cosmetic/endocrine input you get.

This is a cold, hard fact, sadly regardless of your angst-ridden fantasies, or striving to achieve a contrary outcome.
You are only fooling yourself, & unless you really are stunningly feminine already, you still won't be convincing many.

I recall being in hospital & witnessing a patient bluntly/tactlessly asking a (very masculine-appearing) female
nurse if she'd been born a male, ( she hadn't) & yeah, that was truly a cringeworthy experience, even vicariously.

These things are real, & we must live/cope with them, delve into a fantasy world, or opt out altogether,
if its all too much, as we may all someday choose, (that is, if its still up to us to do so).
That is... very dangerous thinking.

Gender dysphoria is not a mental issue. This has been scientifically proven. It is a neurological disorder caused by the brain developing as the opposite sex as the rest of the body. I have the same ability to change it as I have to change my autism. The difference being that one is mildly inconvenient at times while the other is an oppressive force on my mind. Transitioning isn’t a way of fulfilling a deluded fantasy, it is a medical treatment. The only one that works at that. 

I never have deluded myself into thinking I could ever be biologically female. That is the reality I have to live with. However, instead of settling with that depression, I decided to work towards liberating myself from it. I don’t see my chromosomes. I don’t see all the internal things that will mark me as male no matter what I do. But the thing I CAN see and hear are the ones that feel worst, and those can be changed, sometimes even by something as simple as training.

As for passing, that’s a pretty common misconception. Even just hormones can do a lot to make someone look more feminine or masculine. And with my androgynous face, I’ve already got a head start over many of the trans women who end up looking perfectly feminine. As long as you’re willing to put some effort into it, pretty much anyone can pass with a bit of patience.

Lastly, your comment of “opting out altogether” seems wildly inappropriate, especially considering the subject. 41% of people diagnosed with gender dysphoria end up doing exactly that, and many more think about it. I am lucky enough to have family and friends who support me and keep me from those dark thoughts, but is precisely people telling trans people that they are “freaks”, need to “just accept what they were born as”, or are doing something that is wrong that pushes many towards that dark decision.
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