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Impressive domestic cat skull
There are probably bigger cat skulls out there, like full blooded maine coons, but I have yet to see one with such a large sagital and nuchal crest in proportion to the rest of its skull. The skull belonged to an 18/19 pound feral cat that wasn't fat. 
[Image: 52602269_10216471060827208_7183689327795...e=5CF4B5B2]
[Image: 51868885_10216471060747206_4089798812804...e=5CFF36FC]
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What is a sagittal crest?
A sagittal crest is a midline ridge on the skull of some mammals. It is used as an insertion surface for powerful chewing muscles.
Same domestic cat skull compared to an adult female bobcat. 

[Image: 50506362_10216259876747738_2085278202132...e=5D23821F]
In my family, we have kept a number of quite sizeable domestic cats ( in the 7-10kg range),
& while neutered males can grow quite large, the biggest skull def' belonged to our intact-tom Manx.

He had such a pleasant nature/chilled personality, that he didn't get the 'unkindest cut' & so developed the
testosterone-boosted massive head, neck & shoulder musculature typical of the tomcat, but due to his almost
rabbit-like large hindquarters proportions & big back legs, so he kept his balanced cat-look much better than
domestic tomcats usually do.

He was a 1/2 tail Manx we saved from a breeder outfit, (since they only wanted no-tails), but we often
were asked by visitors - 'Wow, is he a real bobcat' &, 'What happened to the other 1/2 of his tail?

Tomcats also typically develop a thick skin-padding 'armour' on their facial areas to resist clawing damage
from other cats over regular territorial disputes.

Our Manx sported a pale 'Champagne' tawny coloured spotty-tabby upper coat over the white under-sides of
his medium-length pelage, (which did indeed make him look bobcat-like) & he also certainly had a big jaw,
with substantial teeth, so he'd happily crack 'n' crunch through turkey leg bones, to get to the marrow.
(02-21-2019, 03:44 PM)Claudiu Constantin Nicolaescu Wrote: A sagittal crest is a midline ridge on the skull of some mammals. It is used as an insertion surface for powerful chewing muscles.

Yes, on the weekend, I took the opportunity to 'massage' ( he didn't object, at all) large, but older ( in his mid-teens) neutered male domestic, who now shows a typical age-related loss of muscle mass ( he's still ~7kg, but not fat).

He'd been a very active, well-developed, athletic hunter of a cat, when in his prime, but is now quite rangy/bony.

Those muscle-insertion ridges on his skull, shoulder-blades & other prominent bones, are certainly quite evident to the firm touch, under his reduced musculature, & loose fur coat.

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