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Animal DnD Classes
I saw someone do this on another website a long time ago, and basically I thought it was really funny but couldn't find it when I went to look for it so decided to do it myself. To explain it too much would kill the joke but basically its sorting families of animals into the classes from DnD (which you can read about here. Disclaimer I've never played DnD, but I'd like to!)


Barbarian: Barbary Lion

Bard: Clouded Leopard
[Image: https%3A%2F%2F3sn4dm1qd6i72l8a4r2ig7fl-w...A_5001.jpg]

Cleric: Lioness

Druid: Siberian Tiger

Fighter: Bengal Tiger

Monk: Snow Leopard

Paladin: African Lion

Ranger: African Leopard

Rogue: Indian Leopard (Panther)

Sorcerer: Jaguar

Warlock: Sumatran Tiger

Wizard: Asiatic Lion


Barbarian: European Wildcat

Bard: Serval

Cleric: Pallas' Cat

Druid: Fishing Cat

Fighter: Ocelot

Monk: Cheetah

Paladin: Domestic Cat

Ranger: Cougar

Rogue: Jaguarundi

Sorcerer: Caracal

Warlock: Black-footed Cat

Wizard: Eurasian Lynx
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Huh. Looks cool enough. Let me try:


Barbarian: Tibetan Mastiff
[Image: Tibetan-Mastiff-2.jpg]

Bard: New Guinea Singing Dog
[Image: New_Guinea_Singing_Dog_on_trail-Cropped.jpg]

Cleric: Xoloitzcuitle (based on its representation in Aztec culture)
[Image: 96750af0d0e20ea4f5acca56ece22d8d.jpg]

Druid: Arctic Wolf
[Image: Arctic+Wolf+Original.jpg]

Fighter: Akita Inu
[Image: 127b92277b80f5c1ed7e3a4e1e8dcec9-e1483581113309.jpg]

Monk: Dhole

[Image: 825879_orig.jpg?239]

Paladin: Caucasian Ovcharka
[Image: caucasian-mountain-shepherd-4.jpg]

Ranger: Northwestern Wolf
[Image: 89b11a5fedae1f809eba13c7d6a3b9a2.jpg]

Rogue: Red Fox
[Image: Fox%20%C2%A9JonHawkins0022.jpg?h=6a6ba37f&itok=O6iIEU6p]

Sorcerer: African Wild Dog
[Image: LG_African_Wild_Dog_Why_They_Matter_imag...1345513770]

Warlock: Golden Jackal

Wizard: Coyote
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Interesting. A Birman (for Felinae) or a lhasa apso or St. Bernard (for Canidae) could also be good candidates for clerics/monks, given the origins of these breeds.

So it has to be a family/subfamily? Can people make this for larger/smaller groups like order, class etc.?

Well, I will go ahead.


Barbarian: Chacma baboon
[Image: 225540545_7f29dfed15_z.jpg?zz=1]

howler monkey
[Image: ticker_ht_acarayachorus_free.jpg?itok=rCDf5wsY]

Cleric: Coquerel's sifaka (they look kinda "mystical" to me, and some local traditions say killing one brings great misfortune, so I think it's fitting).
[Image: 400px-Coquerel%27s_Sifaka_-_Ankarafantsi...881%29.jpg]

Druid: orangutan
[Image: 7052127.jpg]

Fighter: gorilla
[Image: 537px-Male_gorilla_in_SF_zoo.jpg]

Monk: crab-eating macaques (seen as sacred animals in some temples)
[Image: 800px-Ngarai_Sianok_sumatran_monkey.jpg]

Paladin: Hamadryas baboon (ancient Egyptians regarded them as sacred to their god Thoth, and as expected from a baboon they can be fierce, so they fit both the religious and military aspects).
[Image: Hamadryas-Baboon.jpg]

Ranger: chimpanzee.
[Image: Kibale_Forest_National_Park_016.jpg]

aye-aye (harmless, but sinister-looking and fond of darkness, so I think it's a good choice)
[Image: aye-aye13.jpg]

Sorcerer: emperor tamarin.
[Image: beautiful-creatures6.jpg]

Warlock: proboscis monkey.
[Image: 800px-Proboscis_monkey_%28Nasalis_larvat...e_head.jpg]

Wizard: human.
[Image: 752px-Douglas_Fairbanks_at_third_Liberty...02174.JPEG]
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Barbarian: Kodiak bear

[Image: Brown-bear-walking-Alaskan-population.jpg]

[Image: asian_black_bear5.jpg]

Cleric: American black bear

[Image: 110217141311-large.jpg]

Druid: Kemorde bear

[Image: kermode_bear.jpg?itok=y66Jb_Dy]

Fighter: Barren grizzly


Monk: Tibetan blue bear

[Image: tibetan%20bear02.jpg]

Paladin: Kamkatcha brown bear

[Image: 640px-Kamchatka_Brown_Bear_near_Dvuhyurt...-07-23.png]

Ranger: Sun bear

[Image: malayan-sun-bear-video-id167195128?s=640x640]

Rogue: Sloth bear

[Image: Sloth-bear.jpg]

Sorcerer: Artodus simus

[Image: Arctodus-simus-(summer)-738x591.jpg]

Warlock: Eursian Brown bear

[Image: Brown-bear-feeding-on-berries.jpg]

[b]Wizard: Giant panda[/b]

[Image: largest-panda-512x341.jpg]
[Image: bzvulture_max-br_1.png]
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Barbarian: Manticora tiger beetle (Manticora sp.)
[Image: 800px-Manticora.scabra.jpg]

Bard: field cricket (Gryllinae)
[Image: gryllus-campestris-b9476db2-0dae-42b7-bc...e-750.jpeg]

Cleric: sacred scarab (Scarabaeus sacer)
[Image: Dung-Beetle.jpg]

Druid: leaf insect (Phylliidae)
[Image: 8sMJZC9.jpg]

Fighter: warrior beetle (Pasimachus sp.)
[Image: pasimachus3.jpg]

Monk: Chinese mantis (Tenodera sinensis)
[Image: wayne_longbottom_30473655451_44eeef4e4c_z.jpg]

Paladin: termite soldier (Isoptera)
[Image: 3172182721_ce83b1f316.jpg]

Ranger: bull ant (Myrmecia)
[Image: Bulldog-Ant-Photos.jpg]

Rogue: assassin bug (Reduviidae)
[Image: platymeris_rhadamanthus.jpg]

Sorcerer: bombardier beetle (some carabids)
[Image: BombardierBeetleTanAndBlackShell.jpg.653...-smart.jpg]

Warlock: black witch moth (Ascalapha odorata)
[Image: 800px-Black_witch_moth_%28Ascalapha_odor...n_hand.jpg]

Wizard: Lucihormetica luckae
[Image: Glowing-roaches.jpg]
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Barbarian: sperm whale

[Image: Sperm-whale-swimming-at-surface.jpg]

Bard: Indo pacific bottlenose dolphin

[Image: Indian-Ocean-bottlenose-dolphin-swimming.jpg]

Cleric: Narwhale

[Image: Male-narwhal-swimming-at-surface.jpg]

Druid: Clymene dolphin

[Image: Clymenes.jpg]

Fighter: Pygmy killer whale

[Image: Pygmy-killer-whale.jpg]

Monk: Pilot whale

[Image: MC068grindhvalur-1024x525.jpg]

Paladin: Beluga

[Image: Beluga-whale-underwater.jpg]

Ranger: Striped dolphin

[Image: Stenella_coeruleoalba.jpg]

Rogue: Orca

[Image: RR-Orcas-March-2015.jpg]

[b]Sorcerer: Masracetus markgrafi[/b]

[Image: 450px-Masracetus.jpg]

Warlock: False killer whale

[Image: MC068grindhvalur-1024x525.jpg]

[b]Wizard: ambulocetus[/b]

[Image: Ambulocetus_new_NT_small.jpg]
[Image: bzvulture_max-br_1.png]
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Barbarian: grey wolf
[Image: 636543975930968108-Wolves-19.jpg?width=3...0&fit=crop]

Fighter: pit bull
[Image: Thinggallery7.jpg]

Rogue: black-backed jackal
[Image: Black-backed_jackal_%28Canis_mesomelas_m...s%29_2.jpg]

Ranger: coyote
[Image: cl_impavidus.png]

Druid: maned wolf
[Image: manedwolf-005.jpg]

Paladin: molossian
[Image: 5094.jpg?v=1485682102]

Sorcerer: Andean fox
[Image: 40344213-the-andean-fox-lycalopex-culpae...oung-a.jpg]

Monk: tibetan mastiff
[Image: tibetan-mastiff-3.jpg]

Cleric: arctic fox
[Image: winter_coat.jpg]
[Image: 1nKsIij.gif]
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Barbarian: Eurasian black vulture

[Image: cinereous-vulture-portrait.jpg]

Bard: White headed vulture

[Image: White-headed-vulture-side-view.jpg]

Cleric: Hooded vulture

[Image: 220px-Hooded_vulture_%28Necrosyrtes_monachus%29.jpg]

Druid: Cape griffon

[Image: Cape_Vulture-001.jpg]

Fighter: Lappet-faced vulture

[Image: Lappet-faced-vulture-displaying.jpg]

Monk: Bearded vulture

[Image: Bartgeier_Gypaetus_barbatus_front_Richard_Bartz.jpg]

Paladin: Ruppell's griffon

[Image: Ruppell%27s_griffon_vulture_-_Rueppell%2...ip_Kee.jpg]

Ranger: Egyptian vulture

[Image: image.jpg]

Rogue: Red headed vulture

[Image: Red-headed-vulture-at-waters-edge.jpg]

[b]Sorcerer: White backed vulture[/b]

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSKi4ySqScn6l-tQbJjb9P...vJmEO7A3TQ]

Warlock: Eurasian griffon

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS04gHXsTKSxhPq5wqaGkR...IcXQuAHlm8]

[b]Wizard: King vulture[/b]

[Image: 220px-Sarcoramphus_papa_-National_Zoo_-W...USA-8a.jpg]
[Image: bzvulture_max-br_1.png]
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^They honestly all look like rogues to me.
Osteichthyes (bony fish)
Technically this group would also include all tetrapods, but I will only use animals generally understood to be "fish".

Barbarian: goliath tiger fish
[Image: ec9xj1shp76z.jpg]

Bard: toadfishes (Batrachoididae). Males "sing" to attract females.
[Image: sanopus-splendidus-3.jpg?w=788&h=590]

Cleric: altum angelfish.
[Image: Altum%2BAngelfish.jpg]

Druid: Amazon leaffish.
[Image: DSCF3016.jpg]

Fighter: Siamese fighting fish.
[Image: a6bfz74ljlex.jpg]

Monk: Koi carp.
[Image: Environmentally-damaging-koi-carp-spotte...00x400.png]

Paladin: pineapplefish, knightfish or coat-of-mail fish.
[Image: pineapplefish1.jpg]

Ranger: mudskippers.
[Image: 800px-GambianMudskippers.jpg]

Rogue: stargazer
[Image: Stargazer-Fish.jpg]

Sorcerer: electric eel.
[Image: 1483029242445005379.jpg]

Warlock: dragonfish.
[Image: Deepsea-Dragonfish-1.jpg]

Wizard: glass catfish.
[Image: lg_26114_Ghost_Glass_Cat.jpg]
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Thanks for all the contributions guys (I especially love humans as wizards: genius!) I had slightly different ideas for canids, but that's largely because I excluded domestic dogs

Machairodonts/Extinct Felids

Barbarian: Xenosmilus hodsonae
[Image: Xenosmilus-hodsonae-738x591.jpg]

Bard: Dinofelis barlowi
[Image: Dinofelis-barlowi-2017-738x591.jpg]

Cleric: Machairodus kabir
[Image: Machairodus-kabir2017a-738x591.jpg]

Druid: Megantereon 
[Image: 1200_megantereon_serge_merjeevski.jpg]

Fighter: Smilodon fatalis
[Image: Smilodon_fatalis_Sergiodlarosa.jpg]

Monk: Cave Lion
[Image: 68ffdbec26a05f13a497bcabcb5ca234.jpg]

Paladin: American Cheetah
[Image: e75d84a8cf52990bad1c70cbd4d83073.jpg]

Ranger: Homotherium serum
[Image: Homotherium_serum.jpg]

Rogue: Smilodon gracilis[Image: Smilodon-gracilis-2016b-738x591.jpg]

Sorcerer: Ngandong Tiger
[Image: Panthera-tigris-soloensis-2016-738x591.jpg]

Warlock: Smilodon populator
[Image: Smilodon-populator-2016-738x591.jpg]

Wizard: European Jaguar
[Image: Panthera-gombaszoegensis-2016-738x591.jpg]


Barbarian: Dhole
[Image: dhole2.jpg]

Bard: Coyote
[Image: http%3A%2F%2Fmediad.publicbroadcasting.n...0210_0.jpg]

Cleric: Golden Jackal
[Image: 1188834477-m.jpg]

Druid: Indian Wolf
[Image: 970px-Indian_Wolf_Photo_Dhaval_Vargiya.jpg]

Fighter: Bush Dog
[Image: bushdog7.jpg]

Monk: Arctic Fox
[Image: Arctic+Fox+Wallpapers+07.jpg]

Paladin: Northwestern Wolf
[Image: 1200px-Canis_lupus_occidentalis.jpg]

Ranger: African Wild Dog
[Image: africanwilddogfull.jpg]

Rogue: Red Fox
[Image: fox8.jpg]

Sorcerer: Dingo
[Image: dingo.jpg]

Warlock: Raccoon Dog
[Image: raccoon-dog-nyctereutes-procyonoides_1.jpg]

Wizard: Maned Wolf
[Image: maned+wolf3.jpg]
I've really been considering making one for theropods as a whole. I have maybe one or two ideas, but not sure on the rest.
[Image: 9wf8nho.png]

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