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Martial Eagle v Verreaux's (African Black) Eagle
Martial Eagle - Polemaetus bellicosus
The martial eagle is a very large eagle, with an average length of 78–96 cm (31–38 in), weight of 3–6.2 kg (6.6–13.7 lb) and a wingspan of 188–260 cm (6 ft 2 in–8 ft 6 in). Its total length - in comparison to its wingspan - is restricted by its very short tail. Among standard measurements, the wing chord is 56–67.5 cm (22.0–26.6 in), the tail is 27.2–32 cm (10.7–12.6 in), the tarsus is 9.7–13 cm (3.8–5.1 in). This is the largest eagle in Africa and is the fifth heaviest (on average) eagle in the world. This eagle can be found throughout the African savanna, in any type of terrain, from mountain to flat plains, and from the edge of deserts to wooded country. Martial eagles are commonly seen perched on tall dead trees. They spend much of their time flying at such a height that it is impossible to see them, even with good binoculars. They hunt from the air, diving at great speed onto their prey. An impressive and fearsome-looking bird, it can bring down an impala, though it usually takes much smaller prey, especially sandgrouse, francolins and other ground-dwelling birds. It also takes mongoose, squirrels, hares, small antelope, Guineafowl, lizards and young ostrich.

[Image: 640px-Martial_eagle_%28Polemaetus_bellicosus%29.jpg]

Verreaux's (African Black) Eagle - Aquila verreauxii
Verreaux's eagle (Aquila verreauxii) is a large African bird of prey. It is also called the black eagle, especially in Southern Africa, leading to potential confusion with the Indian black eagle (Ictinaetus malayensis), which lives in Asia. Verreaux's eagle lives in hilly and mountainous regions of southern and eastern Africa (extending marginally into Chad), and very locally in West Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and the southern Middle East. It is one of the most specialized species of accipitrid in the world, with its distribution and life history revolving around its favorite prey species, the rock hyraxes. When hyrax populations decline, the species have been shown to survive with mixed success on other prey, such as small antelopes, gamebirds, hares, monkeys and other assorted vertebrates. Verreaux's eagle is a very large eagle. It measures 75 to 96 cm (30 to 38 in) long from the bill to the tip of the tail, making it the sixth longest eagle in the world. Males can weigh 3 to 4.2 kg (6.6 to 9.3 lb) and the larger females weigh 3.1 to 7 kg (6.8 to 15.4 lb). The average weight is approximately 4.19 kg (9.2 lb). It is the seventh or eighth heaviest living eagle in the world. In average mass and overall weight range, if not linear measurements, the Verreaux's is very similar in size to its occasional competitor, the martial eagle, which is regularly titled the largest of the African eagle.

[Image: 640px-Aquila_verreauxii01.jpg]

(02-25-2019, 02:27 AM)Shenzi Wrote: Martial eagle vs verreaux's eagle
[Image: wildcat10-CougarHuntingDeer.jpg]
The black eagle has harrased the martial eagle and even attempted to rob it but I if push comes to sholve, the more powerful.martial wins.
Martial has large talons and heavier in weights.
Some consider the martial eagle to be even stronger than a golden eagle pound to pound. While I am not sure about that, the largest eagle in africa is capable of breaking a man's arm.
(02-27-2019, 09:24 AM)Old Tibetan Blue Bear Wrote: Some consider the martial eagle to be even stronger than a golden eagle pound to pound. While I am not sure about that, the largest eagle in africa is capable of breaking a man's arm.
i read one of the account said martial eagle is similar to golden eagle in every aspect however berkut golden eagle is too much powerful then any martial eagle.

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