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Playing as animals in video games
Do you people know some good games that let you play as a critter of some sort?

Among the games I've played, the best of this kind is Tokyo Jungle. You can play as a lot of different animals - beagles, cheetahs, horses, wild boar, etc., trying to survive in a city now devoid of humans. Despite some grim moments it is overall a very silly game, where things like a jackal wearing aviator goggles fighting a gigantic chick with a robotic power suit can happen.

Shelter is another very good one. You're a mother badger trying to protect her cubs. Much more serious than Tokyo Jungle, if you want this sort of experience.

There's also Shelter 2, with a mother lynx instead. Haven't played this one yet.

Also this game. You're a stray dog. Wasn't released yet, and I don't know much about it.
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  • Verdugo
Man Tokyo Jungle is the BOMB. I've levelled up my cat so much that it can one-shot polar bears, but it does get a little stale after a while I must admit

There's quite a few good dinosaur simulators, and they all really outshine the available animal ones. Which is a shame: I would love an all animals vs all humans war game in the style of primal carnage or a hyperrealistic simulator like the Isle
Quote:I've levelled up my cat so much that it can one-shot polar bears
But the real question is...
Can it one-shot a Homo Erectus?
Don't even mention those *@;/ck"31g c@\2s9%*£ers. They totally ruin the fun after reaching 100 years if you're not playing one already (apparently the smaller herbivores survive quite well in those stages of the game though)

It did always bug me how utterly pathetic the chimpanzee in that game was. There was basically no incentive to play the porcupine/chimp line because their stats were so bad

I always thought we could use a sequel: gorillas, rhinoceros, badgers, foxes, playable birds, better time cycles, less prominent toxicity feature, etc
A true sequel would be nice. The only other Tokyo Jungle game I've ever heard of was some weird cellphone game.

I also think the toxicity thing can get really annoying.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRZ56mgR5VLx3XPTfInxXG...pgppw_zz_6]

There are a few playable birds already though. Or maybe you mean flying ones?
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  • ScottishWildcat
Just remembered this one, for the retro fans:

[Image: 35438-e-v-o-search-for-eden-snes-front-cover.jpg]

Though I've never played or even knew about this one when I was a kid, a few years ago I heard about it from this guy:
Well there's Smash Bros lol. If ya want retro though, there used to be a old fantasy dinosaur fighting game called Primal Rage. No scientific background, just kaiju sized dinos, apes and monsters brawling it out: 
[Image: Grant-Atkinson-Chiefs-Camp-_Y8A4541.CR2_0276.jpg]
You could switch roles between dinosaurs and humans in the Lost World: Jurassic Park game

Some other kinda retro examples (the first is for PC, Xbox and PS2, the second is for Wii)

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  • theGrackle
Tokyo jungle by & far is the best I've played for this. Recently tried "Saurian", seemed okay. I remember for the original PlayStation they made a street-figher-esque Jurassic Park game, was at least fun as a kid

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