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Gorilla’s intense swimming pool spinning
i don’t know where else this would go so...

[Image: 1nKsIij.gif]
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When you're one of the top 5 smartest animals in the world and have literally nothing to do.

[Image: t8pjg413dn521.gif]
[Image: 1nKsIij.gif]
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Who are the other top four?
[Image: fa238bc94c8d2f26baec8e560125b8a5.gif]
The other top four are pretty much the rest of the great ape genuses, with dolphins, elephants and maybe ravens able to contest at times. There’s no real set list though.

Also, when gorillas spin like that, usually it’s a sign to say “Come play with me” or something similar. Still funny.
[Image: 5u3d6w.jpg]

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