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Movie Director: What would you direct
Title pretty much explains it. If you had what it took to be a movie director. What would you guys direct? For me. There's three movies that comes to mind for me.

Gamera remake: Its one of my dreams to see an American adaption of Gamera using his Heisei origins given the potential of visuals, story, premise but in the modern age and such being directed by Guillermo del Toro but if he couldn't manage to end up doing it and if I could be a movie director. This is definitely one of these movies I'd do without a doubt.

Killer saber-toothed cat movie: I'm a huge hardcore fan of killer creature flicks and definitely my favorites in the horror genre. Being the saber-toothed cats are my favorite Ice Age animals I just die for a decent movie about one with this approach. The only two that's been made were for the SyFy Channel but I'm talking about one with an actual budget. If I could this would be definitely a project I'd do for sure. Whether original or doing an movie adaption for Jeff Rovin's Fatalis which was falsely rumored to had been done by Universal starring Sylvester Stallone.

Historical killer creature flick about the Partridge Creek Monster: An rather obscure cryptid I've been reading into recently that's only had two sightings in the 1900's. This particular cryptid has my interest due to what it is. An supposed ceratosaur covered in fur living in the Yukon and Arctic of all places. My movie on this would be called The Monster of Partridge Creek and it'd be set in 1910 where after two years of the last sighting of the creature it comes again and begins feeding not only on the local caribou and moose but people like hunters as well which the latter prompts locals Tom Leemore, Pierre Lavagneux and five unnamed First Nations to hunt and kill the beast.
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Huh, I've never actually thought about this that much! All my ideas tend to be based in books. That said:

Remake of 101 Dalmatians (yes, another one), amping up the theme of all the different animals helping them because of community and inherent good nature etc. Cate Blanchett/Nicole Kidman as Cruella DeVille, Ben Wishaw as Roger, Natalie Portman as Anita (huh, I'm into this now)

Trashy horror/war movie about All Animals vs All Humans ("World War Zoo"), maybe the animals all get infected by super-rabies, or they all collectively gain sentience and think "enough of this sh*t" and you're not sure who to root for. Chris Pratt is the star of course and he's contractually obligated to be shirtless 50% of the screentime

Another Jungle Book retelling because of course there aren't enough of those

CGI Epic movie adaptations of the books "Redwall" and "The Animals of Farthing Wood," two of my favourite books of all time that never got the recognition they deserve

A movie about a young man in prehistoric times struggling to lead his tribe after the death of his father. He corners a mammoth but is hit with his childhood memories when he sees it has a shell necklace on its tusk. Turns out its a sequel to Ice Age and he's the baby, he reunites with Manny, Sid, and Diego and it's mentioned in passing that Ellie, Crash, Eddie, Peaches, etc etc have all died offscreen but no one seems that sad about it. The guy is played by Rami Malek, obviously
ScottishWildcat Wrote:and it's mentioned in passing that Ellie, Crash, Eddie, Peaches, etc etc have all died offscreen
You monster.

Need I remind you?

Don’t you dare do that to poor Manfred twice.
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Few other movies I'd definitely do is an adaption of Harry Turtledove's A Different Flesh or at least something based on it given I always loved the idea of European colonists interacting with Ice Age megafauna and humans co-existing with another hominid species to boot.

Hell if I could be even better as a TV series since there'd be more to show and expand on the timeline of it.

The other would be a Sci-Fi/Drama with a man vs. self/man vs. society theme set in the near future where scientists are successful in bringing back a neanderthal through a woman giving birth (Who volunteered for it) and integrated into society.

Also an Cryptid Cinematic Universe. Among the ideas that eventually happens in it are Bigfoots and other hominid cryptids having their existence revealed and integrated into society (Those that didn't want to be being given their own communities and reserves) due to being equally as intelligent as us though not capable of speaking.
A mad scientist uses a shrink ray to make Godzilla, King Kong, King Ghidorah, and many other famous giant monsters all about mouse-sized, and then tries to use them as test subjects. They obviously escape, try to deal with the gigantic humans and other hazards, fight each other, and there's even some romance between Mothra and a completely normal moth. Eventually they put their differences behind them and go after the scientist and force him to turn them back to normal.
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So about if I were to make the Partridge Creek Monster an historic killer creature flick.

Rather then a dinosaur. To explain why there's just one and also its massive size for a ceratosaur and hair its per say not some normal creature. Its some type of entity over 65 million years old that came into existence in response to the dinosaurs extinction whose mana/spirit energy became that creature thus beng an manifestation that represents as an reminder that such creatures existed long ago and was also a forgotten by the natives of the land that once worshiped it as some god tens of thousands of years ago when the ancestors of the indigenous people of the Americas settled in the New World.

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