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UFO from the Internet. Believe you in UFO?
I understand why you would be skeptical of books, but we have thousands of researchers today who worked their butts off in order to get an education that allowed the knowledge and equipment to judge the age of various things and when they are from. Sure, don't believe in on research group, but what about the next? And the next? And the next after that? And first now we change country and repeat. To change country again. And again. And again. And now we change continent and repeat.

The Moonlanding I recall has been proven. It is years ago since I last read up on it, but if memory serves me, like a half million people were either witness or directly contributed to the work.
It does not matter if the Americans did it anyway. We could do it without effort today. We have send satelites past Pluto, and small "Drones" or what their names were, are driving the surface of Mars.
And we have seen a Black Hole. The Moon is an insignificant obstacle.

Our modern tech and intelligence to find things out, as well as the numbers of said minds, should never be underestimated.
(06-01-2019, 09:19 AM)Sky Lemon Panther Wrote: All this arguing lead me to think the jew conspiracy theory could be true. Did the moonlanding really happen? All we know is that the US and EU are jewish puppet states that will happily erase any scraps of evidence left and we're suppose to praise our governments cause they're "heroes". Fascim is bad, communism is bad and capitilism is the highlight of our society

They say victors write history, if that's so should we believe anything that are thought in schools? Why should I believe Columbus discovered America? I mean I wasn't there to see it. Why should I believe Edison invented the lightbulb? Why should I believe US reached the moon first? Why does Holocaust get more attention then any other genocides in history?

My bad english doesn't let me talk quite a lot. Awakening is what we lack. You may notice that there are many biorobots in the world (90%). They all look alike. They are needed to rule the world. They are kept in check.

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Quote:Hynek argued that:

1. Despite worldwide radar systems and Earth-orbiting satellites, UFOs are alleged to flit in and out of the atmosphere, leaving little to no evidence.
2. Space aliens are alleged to be overwhelmingly humanoid, and are allegedly able to exist on Earth without much difficulty often lacking "space suits", even though extra-solar planets would likely have different atmospheres, biospheres, gravity and other factors, and extraterrestrial life would likely be very different from Earthly life.
3. The number of reported UFOs and of purported encounters with UFO-inhabitants outstrips the number of expeditions that an alien civilization (or civilizations) could statistically be expected to mount.
4. The behavior of extraterrestrials reported during alleged abductions is often inconsistent and irrational.
5. UFOs are isolated in time and space: like the Cheshire Cat, they seem to appear and disappear at will, leaving only vague, ambiguous and mocking evidence of their presence
6. Reported UFOs are often far too small to support a crew traveling through space, and their reported flight behavior is often not representative of a craft under intelligent control (erratic flight patterns, sudden course changes).
7. The distance between planets makes interstellar travel impractical, particularly because of the amount of energy that would be required for interstellar travel using conventional means, (According to a NASA estimate, it would take 7×1019 joules of energy to send the current space shuttle on a one-way, 50 year, journey to the nearest star, an enormous amount of energy[32]) and because of the level of technology that would be required to circumvent conventional energy/fuel/speed limitations using exotic means such as Einstein-Rosen Bridges as ways to shorten distances from point A to point B.(see Faster-than-light travel).[33]
According to Hynek, points 1 through 6 could be argued, but point 7 represented an insurmountable barrier to the validity of the ETH.[33]

Hynek makes many good points, I agree.
^ Hynek was hired by the USAF to provide scientific analysis of UFO phenomena, & debunked many 'sightings'.

However, he found a certain number of them did appear to meet validity factors & could not be dismissed as 'artefacts'.
I knew that aliens live among us. They live beyond the edge of the earth (Antarctica) /  They live beyond the dome of earth. They live underground. The most aggressive aliens are reptilian demons, they hold our consciousness in darkness. Maybe it is our life test . We must pass the test. They say that you should know the truth, but you don't have to spread this truth (demons can attack).

(This is my fantasy)
Grays zeta: they came to extract resources & connect to humans, avoid them like the plague  (my fantasy)

Divine light beings (angels): / ^ dark devilish beings (greys)^ (my fantasy)

You are in the web of reptiles. Get out of the web, they eat your energy, they hold our consciousness in darkness, they mislead us, they take us away from the light and love, they manipulate us, we are the slaves of demonic creatures. You live in their world (world of lies, world of slavery).

The path to the angels and spiritual develop will help you, you have to raise your vibrations.

Reptilian humanoids are the most disgusting creatures, you have to be stupid slaves to they loved you. Religion are their manure too. Lack of will, indifference, defeat from temptations. It all breeds demons. You will understand it when you wake up. Demons want to have slaves, slaves are powerless, their thoughts can't be realized.

(my fantasy)
You have UFO for the sky, you aslo have USO for the sea (Unidentified Submerged Object), less popular than ufo. 

[Image: casj.gif]
This may have already been said but I gotta say my opinion on this.
Yes, there are things we can't explain in space. Yes, that light shouldn't be moving rapidly across the galaxy. However, that does not equal aliens flying a spaceship. That would be a jump to conclusions. It's much more likely that it's as of right now an unexplainable space event. Our universe is wild and is still full of secrets, they are simply anomalies that have yet been explained.
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Hard to live when money is your happiness. Nothing but illusions.

Love is gold money is slavery
Money really helps tho
^ Helps with those with lots of money & an intent to exploit others with little money - both in their place - perhaps?

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