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egyptian geese attack goshawk nests

we keep egyptian geese as pets we have bunch at my parents lake and i am looking to buy more (if anyone in toronto i let me know)

Anyways they are tough but i didnt think they would do that. From what falconers say in my time in az its not as uncommon as i thought.  Itsj ust the hawk can cause serious damage if it hit them in a stoop. I mean it would still hurt but then again if he bound to one he would probably get killed. Egyptian geese are light weights and only weigh about 5lbs.  We lost some to a great horned owl. Those geese would not do that with a oil or red tail nest.

Some idiot falconers will use their birds to hunt geese by suprise hitting the goose until the falconer gets there, a lot of hawks have been killed this way if the falconer doesnt get there in time. More time i spend with falconers the more i realized how egotistic and socially inept they are. Really weird people aside from the one who do demos.
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seems odd, but it happens:

... Black sparrowhawk and Egyptian geese (Alopochen aegyptiaca) have recently expanded their South African ranges, and both species breed in urban and suburban habitats. A multiple nest building strategy has been an effective method used by black sparrowhawks to avoid negative interactions (i.e., nest usurpation) with Egyptian geese; thus breeding more densely was the used strategy to maintain productivity in this population of raptor species (Sumasgutner et al. 2016). ...
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they are small geese but vicious as hell, the swans, canada geese teach them manners. The falcons are scared of them. (at the zoo)

(04-04-2019, 01:54 PM)Old Tibetan Blue Bear Wrote:

thanks i didnt have this one this is a suprise. Osprey are crappy flyers but the talons are so powerful and are a lot more dangerous than a goshawk.

Geese have thicker more solid body, herons egrets very delicate when in air can get knocked down fast.

shin nice information, when i sell young to farms i am going to say that, because its true they keep the hawks away chickens safe. But they kill ducks and domestic geese. Our raven attacks them.
Looking for others to collaborate with others on youtube.
Few of my videos msg me If interested.  


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