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Dolphin scene canvas print
Just for the hell of it I put my old Dolphin render for sale as a canvas print on Artstation. You never know, maybe I'll sell a few.

Dolphin scene canvas print @ Artsation

[Image: dinosaur-replicas-dolphin-full-uplox.jpg?1554054034]

This was one of my first serious experiments with Blender. There's a few aspects of the render I would change if I did it again but I think the Dolphin model holds up well.

The 3D dolphin model can be downloaded FOR FREE here at Blendswap, you'll need to register with the site to access). It comes with a basic rig, nothing fancy, also includes a texture image though you might need to re-assign it.

Couple of close-ups from the 3D render

[Image: dinosaur-replicas-dolphincrop-02.jpg?1554053343]

[Image: dinosaur-replicas-dolphincrop-01.jpg?1554053342]

Might have a trawl through my back-ups this weekend and see if I've still got the master image for my leopard tree render, that should work in print format too.
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Great pictures. Keep up the good work.
[Image: bzvulture_max-br_1.png]
(04-05-2019, 10:29 AM)Old Tibetan Blue Bear Wrote: Great pictures. Keep up the good work.

Couple of concept sketches were drawn using Procreate on my old ipad 2.
I renamed the dolphin render (and the print) to 'Underwater Hunt'.

Well, until I think of a better name  Big Grin

[Image: d77j19l-3b474fa9-2113-4d54-a563-55948447...EY7aPZTtAI]

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