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Do you think Livyatans would be dangerous to humans?
Or would they just be like bigger versions of orcas?
Doubt they'd eat humans considering such tiny food wouldn't fill them up.

They might attack boats and small ships though, thinking those are living things and possibly prey..
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Since neither sperm whales nor orcas are really dangerous to humans, Livyatans probably won't be either.
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yeah offcource they can
The sight of Orcas must scare the 'crap' out of nearly every ocean creature it preys upon or chooses to kill. Yet with humans:

^ They are very special creatures.

No one could be certain with an answer to your question (one species is a dolphin, the other a toothed whale) but imagine how wonderful it would be if Livyatan were like Orcas when it came to humans!
[Image: wildcat10-CougarHuntingDeer.jpg]
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Regarding Orcas, I’ve heard reports from like the 1800s around Australia, in which whalers actually were helped by Orcas. Interesting stuff. Dunno if any of it is legit but it’s not wholly impossible.
^ Its true:

Curious how the orca would ally themselves with killer humans...

They'd only attack us if they were provoked or if it comes to mistaken identity such as mistaking small boats for whales like how great whites might mistake surfers for seals, sea lions or sea turtles.
I'd expect that since captured orcas have been known to kill their keepers, & in the annals of C18th/C19th whalers,
some sperm whales ( 'Moby Dick') were known to strike back at their tormentors, it'd be up to the whale to decide.
it would definitely attack humans as a smaller fish species!.
No. We wouldn't be worth the effort or energy. I think they'd just prey on other whales.
Okay, no more answers are necessary, suspicion confirmed.

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