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Pies. Do you enjoy a tasty pie?
Just thinking, I haven't had a good tasty pie lately.

I'm thinking I'll have to bake up a big, wholesome, bacon & egg pie.

Anyone here care to discuss how they'd rate a decent pie, or do some, never bother with them?
A decent pie would make a good meal if you just want something small for the day.
Unless its a big hearty meaty pie, & served with vegetables as a main.

I reckon seven eggs will 'bout do for the size of pie I'm making today.
I like meat pies, and apple pies with icecream for dessert!
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  • Mondas
Yeah, too right, mmm, a chunky steak pie, with melt-in-your-mouth meat, smooth flavoursome gravy, in golden pastry...

& with a hint of cinnamon on that sweet, but tangy apple.

I reckon they'll both be on my 'to do' list, for sure,
but right now, the effect on my olfactory sensing, of my B & E pie nearing completion in the oven, is getting real good.
My Canadian DNA dictates that I am to eat everything humanity has invented for eating with maple syrup, including pies.

Without joking though, maple syrup pies, sugar pies, and meat pies are my favorite. The former two are perfect as a family dessert, especially during times of vacations and relaxation. Too bad they're in short stock over here in Japan.
^ Funny you should mention real maple syrup, Kaz'n.

I always lightly saute the bacon for my B & E pie, before laying it to the pastry, so some of that good ol' sap def' goes in,
a good splash of that pure sweetness, plus a fair dollop of chipotle, as an added hint for that earthy sweet-spice flavour.
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  • Kazanshin
Ok, we enjoyed the B & E pie so much, that I'm planning another family pie.

I've obtained the makings, with flavoursome slow-cook beef cuts, which I'll brown in a pan with onion/garlic,
& casserole it all 'til well tender with beef stock & a hearty dose of Aussie red wine, then lay it into pastry,
along with a modicum of chopped carrot/broccoli stems, to bake itself in a wholesome meaty gravy.

I've got to wait 'til tomorrow, but I'm really looking forward to it, for sure.
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Well, Mondas, you're an odd fellow, but I must say: you bake a good pie.
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The only pie i seem to be really intrested about is the nice old Shepherd's pie.
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^ There are all kinds, savoury with meat, or even seafood, (plus sweet-savoury bacon), through to mixed meat/vegetable,
& then to dessert pies, such as fruit pies ( but also inc' interesting things like pumpkin), & tarts/flans & whatnot.

Of course the pastry itself matches the contents, accordingly.
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When I hear 'pie' it's usually the sweet dessert kind of pie I think of. That image is actually so entrenched in me that when I was younger I didn't realize that pies can actually have non-dessert, savory stuff in it too.

I've had shepherd's pie and some microwavable pot pies before, but I think that's it as far as non-dessert pies go. I feel like the closest thing to these actual pies would be a Cornish pasty I had when I traveled to England nearly two years ago; from the looks of it you can have those in pie form, but I didn't (just a hand-held, portable form). I'd definitely like to try some more meat/vegetable (or even seafood) pies, though.
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Goes a ways back, though.

'little Jack Horner sat in a corner...'


'4 & 20 blackbirds, baked in a pie...'
Well, I've got my beef & red wine pie in the oven, & its aroma is real good.
Pie turned out great ( 'cept for my mother's liking for pepper, despite my asking her to wait & add it to her serving!).
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