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Pies. Do you enjoy a tasty pie?
^ Easy to make, & you can ensure the quality of ingredients, if you've obtained 'em yourself.

I havent mentioned pizza, & although I do like a homemade (or home-topped base, at least) pizza,
they are more of a topped bread item, rather than a pastry/pie, so I don't really think of them as a 'pie'.

In fact, a cheesecake is perhaps even more of a 'pie' than a pizza is, if you do think about it.
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Ok, I figured it was time for another pie.

This time, I've assembled the makings for a chicken & vege pie, with chicken thighs & leek, onion & garlic,
& I'll use some condensed chicken soup, to make a suitable sauce/gravy base.

I'll let yo'all know, how it turns out.
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  • Kazanshin
Key lime pie is one of my favorites.
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^ A-B, can you let us know a bit more about the key-lime pie?

I've never seen one.

My chicken/leek pie turned out pretty nicely, next to try is a lamb & vege pie.
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^ I am hungry now. All the best in making your next pie.
Mondas, we've butted heads a lot and I've been quite mad at your attitude before since, you know, we pretty much never seem to agree on anything in the universe. However, I gotta note this and give you full credit for it: your description of pies is the most mouthwatering ones I've ever read and I thoroughly enjoy each and every one of your posts here. I'm making a chestnut and cinnamon pie this weekend myself.

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