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Leopard Tree Evening
Canvas print available ON ARTSTATION (up to 4ft wide!)
Seeing as Artstation members can now sell canvas prints I thought I'd make my old leopard tree render available. I've already done this with my dolphins image.

[Image: dinosaur-replicas-leo-tree-1920.jpg?1556363774]

One of my all-time favourite animals reclining in a tree as the day closes. Really I just made the model because I love leopards so much, the tree scene came later.

[Image: dinosaur-replicas-leopard-metal-render.jpg?1556363554]

Modelled and Rendered in 2009 using Lightwave and Cinema 4D. Final comp in Photoshop. The title "Leopard Tree Evening" is a little unimaginative but maybe I'll come up with something better eventually Big Grin 

Here's a few close ups

[Image: dinosaur-replicas-crop-leo-03.jpg?1556363550]

[Image: dinosaur-replicas-crop-leo-02.jpg?1556363548]

[Image: dinosaur-replicas-crop-leo-04.jpg?1556363552]

[Image: dinosaur-replicas-crop-leo-01.jpg?1556363545]
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