Poll: Marijuana - legalise it or not?
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Legalise it
4 66.67%
Should remain an illegal activity?
2 33.33%
0 0%
Total 6 vote(s) 100%
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Marijuana - legalise or not?
^ Dude! It IS accessible to people! & it always will be. Its a plant, you can grow it on your window sill...

People can die, at any time, for any reason. Cannabis itself is not lethal, but associated criminality & policing it, often is.

Try & grow up.
^ Dude, did you even go to high school? You seem to show very little social awareness, as well as poor self-awareness.

Such a simplistic, proscriptive mindset is indicative of your rigid personality type, & a presumptuous attitude.
^ Yeah?

Well dude, you need to seriously ask yourself why you choose to 'believe' such simplistically punitive bullshit,
& revise your views per the validated, best evidence-base, but then, of course, that really isn't something you do, is it...
^ S-K, damn dude, just when I've figured you've plumbed the depths of your stupidity, you dredge up even more idiocy.

Of course draconian punishments applied for likin' a bit o' weed, are the very exemplar of "punitive bullshit".

That you cannot grasp this basic fact, & support the proven damage it has done for decades, is signally indicative...
If we talk about harm of smoking. There are many things that are harmful. Pay attention to your food / your lifestyle.... Marijuana goes well with this. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, then you shouldn't smoke it. Every person needs to starve once a week. But humans think that only marijuana is bad for health....
I'm not in favor of any drugs tbh, I don't even let ppl smoke in my car or in my house even on the balcony.
[Image: giphy.gif]
My state is about to legalize it.

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