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Tanks vs 'Giant' Reptiles
A bunch of WWII and early Cold War era Tanks have been transported to an alternate reality, where Square-Cube Law doesn't apply and are ruled by gargantuan versions of extant Reptiles. The tankers are told that the only way to return back to their world is to eliminate every Reptile they would face against.

25x M4A3E8
25x T-34/85
15x Tiger I
15x SU-100
20x M18 Hellcat
15x M26 Pershing
15x IS-2
5x Sturmtiger
10x T-55
10x ISU-152
10x Tortoise A39
10x T-95 Gun Motor Carriage
10x M48A5
8x Object 279
8x Conqueror Mk. II
8x IS-7


10x American Alligators (110 Ton)
15x Asian Water Monitors (90 Ton)
30x Tokay Geckos (20 Ton)
20x Argentine Tegus (80 Ton) 
5x Green Anacondas (190 Ton)
10x Komodo Dragons (100 Ton)
5x Nile Crocodiles (170 Ton)
5x Alligator Snapping Turtles (200 Ton)
25x Eastern Bearded Dragons (25 Ton)
5x Reticulated Pythons (150 Ton)
20x Green Iguanas (60 Ton)
25x Frilled Dragons (30 Ton)
10x Cuban Crocodiles (100 Ton)
20x Gaboon Vipers (60 Ton)
5x Black Caimans (150 Ton)
15x Perenties (85 Ton)
25x Veiled Chameleons (35 Ton)
10x Burmese Pythons (120 Ton)
5x Saltwater Crocodiles (185 Ton)
15x Crocodile Monitors (90 Ton)

Round 1: The fight takes place in Bangkok

Round 2: The fight takes place on a Savannah composed of 65% land and 35% lake

-Win by death or incapacitation
-The Reptiles are operating Pound-to-Pound on the same scale as their original selves
-The Tanks have unlimited fuel and ammo
-The Reptiles have unlimited stamina
-The starting distance between them is 4km

Which side wins?
Dude, seriously?

Spoiler alert - don't read the script below, if you want to fantasize.

Unless the tankers have mechanical breakdowns, all the creatures are nothin' but dead meat...

With the swamp dwellers, all they'd have to do is pour a fuel/oil mix on the water & burn 'em out/asphyxiate them.
Machine guns. That's all I gotta say, boi. The lizards are gonna get the Colonial British Dr. Gatling treatment.
A 4Km range? Just about all the reptiles are dead, the tanks will blast them down as soon as it starts.
When I first saw the title of this thread I was thought this had to have been under the stipulation that the tanks didn't have any ammo, and that they'd be reduced to ramming the giant reptiles instead.


In the most resounding and emphatic way I can humanly utter three words: reptiles. Are. Toast.
[Image: 9wf8nho.png]
^ "Toast"  Yeah, for sure.

& ironically, a squadron of the fearsome Churchill 'Crocodile' tanks could do it, sans guns, by literally toasting 'em.

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