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Making an article on feral cat variation by region
Are the cats of australia beastly?

When i was in hawaii i saw feral cats that looked like jaguarundi

I wish gato was here because in his area the cats are small only 8 pounds or so for males

Here females are 8lbs males 12 

I got a cat from india and this cat is unlike any others I have ever had in every way possible, a lot more aggressive 

The information on feral cat sub species is really lacking and they arent all the same. Every cat from far off areas have their own unique traits.  Even rural ferals are unlike urban ferals in our country.

Such studies have not been done yet. 

On a island in the pacific I saw feral cats that did not even look any breed but were very healthy. 

behaviour some ferals live in colony and depend on humans for food more rare ferals hunt their own food or eat off the kills of other animals. Ferals in united states and uk seem to not often be good at hunting ratas while feral in india are exceptional rat killers.  FErals here I have never heard of raiding a chicken coop but the ones in india will enter chicken coops and kill the whole flock in one night, surplus killing like a weasel. This is unheard of here it seems. Just so much mystery on them and am doing a research paper on it.
Looking for others to collaborate with others on youtube.
My channel has the best animal vs plus all my exotics and zoo pets

^ P-W, I'd suggest you review the topic-relevant threads in Carnivora, for a number of citations/links of possible value.

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