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Create your own Kaiju
Back with another kaiju from my post-apocalyptic setting. I've also made some changes to the timeframe of the setting as a whole, because I realised it didn't really match up with what I wanted.

Name: Grieg
Aliases: The Mountain King
Gender: Male
Height/Length: 112 meters at the head, 194 meters long
Weight: 19.000 tonnes
Age: At least 136 years
An upper-end Class B kaiju. Grieg resembles a bipedal mountain lion with a tough, stony hide. He has a mane of spikes, and a huge, boulder-like club on the end of his long, powerful tail. Finally, he has a pair of stony fangs protruding from his upper jaw.
[Image: U6eMGxr.png]

After the mutagen bombings ravaged the world, humanity began their constant war for survival against the onslaught of kaiju. For the first four years, they struggled against a barrage of kaiju of Class D and below, with the rare surfacing of a Class C kaiju, when suddenly and abruptly, the kaiju who would become known as Grieg attacked Utah.

The first instance of a Class B kaiju, Grieg was twice as tall, and leagues more powerful than any kaiju the world had seen thus far. The mutated mountain lion also became the first kaiju to destroy more than a single city, as he continued his rampage throughout the state of Utah, tearing down every last settlement in his path. In a last, desperate attempt, a nuke was dropped on the kaiju, and Grieg disappeared, presumed dead.

Eight years later, more Class B kaiju had begun to appear, and the first Class A kaiju began to rear their heads. Grieg reappeared out of nowhere in Florida and attacked Miami, as well as the two Class B kaiju who were already attacking the city. Although the other kaiju teamed up against Grieg, the Mountain King killed both before going back to level what remained of the city.

Even as Class S kaiju appeared, Grieg remained one of the most dreaded of kaiju throughout the war for his ludicrous aggression and speed. Grieg adopted a hit and run tactic after his initial defeat; destroying one city, only to retreat and attack another unexpectedly, becoming impossible to pin down, and was never defeated by human efforts again as a result. Even now, nearly a century after the war concluded, Grieg remains alive, and whenever he descends from his mountain domain, terror is sure to follow.

Grieg’s most notable feature is his rock-like exterior. It is so alike to rock that when he was bombed, the heat and pressure metamorphosed his hide, causing it to further increasing its toughness and density from what it originally was. Grieg is also exceptionally fast and agile for his size, and possesses great strength to boot. Grieg’s tail club, although too heavy to be swung with any measure of ease, can strike with incredible force, easily enough to break the bones of a similarly sized, or even larger kaiju.

Grieg’s aggression is obscene, which can lead the kaiju to pick fights he cannot win, and retreat only when beaten down with no hope to continue the fight. Additionally, while Grieg’s exterior is rock solid, his internal structures are much weaker and can be damaged even by blows that fail to break past his stony hide.
Additional info: Grieg was named after Edvard Grieg, for his famous piece “In the Hall of the Mountain King”. Since the end of the war, Grieg has developed something of a rivalry with Garrocles, his aggressive nature leading him into constant conflict with the surviving humans and, by extension, the reptile kaiju.
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