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Create Your Own Horror Character (Or Setting)
Since we have a thread about fantasy characters, why not one for horror, too (sci-fi is the only spec fic genre missing so far, but I’ll probably change that in the future)? Werewolves, vampires, creepy pasta creeps, Lovecraftian abominations, post whatever you want as long as it fits the genre.
At first, I only wanted to make this about horror antagonists, since they are usually all people care about, but to make this more equivalent to the fantasy thread, you can also post profiles for your horror story’s heroes. So, yeah, „being in a horror story“ is the only criterion. And while they are not really „characters“, you can also make profiles for scary locations.
I suppose most of you will focus on the monsters though. A backstory or concrete motives are not strictly necessary for horror monsters (but a plus), you only need to get across why they’re scary. Stating things as rumors rather than fact is a bonus for the scare factor.

The character below is technically not my own creation. It is my interpretation of a common European myth. The „jumping from plant to plant“ bit is my contribution. Also, the Erlkönig is more of an evil plant spirit than a fairy king (as he is traditionally depicted) here.

Name: Erlkönig (or Erlking or Alder king)
[Image: Erlkönig_Blog-1.jpg]
Each of these trees could possibly be the Erlkönig. Each and every one of them!
Classification: Evil plant spirit.
Age: 1000s of years.
Size, weight, height: Depends on the plant he is inhabiting.
Powers and Abilities:
-Mind control: The Erlkönig is apparently capable of this. Forest hikers often report hearing a soothing voice which becomes stronger the closer they move to a certain tree. Once they are close enough, the voice tells them that salvation awaits them at a magnificent place which they can only attain if they kill themselves. There is a negative correlation between age and susceptibility 
-Making people sick: Those who hear his voice begin to hallucinate and fall sick without any infection and a ridiculously short incubation time. Variations of influenza are most common. As with the suicide, he has an inexplicable preference for children.
-Possession: The Erlkönig can possess nearly any plant, no matter how big, but as the name suggests, he prefers to inhabit Alder trees. Since the Erlkönig is a ghostly being, he still lives on when his plant body is destroyed, as he can search a new one. He can also randomly change bodies at will if he feels like your potted plant is more interesting than the tree in the park.
The only way to be 100% safe from him to make sure that there is no plant around you.
Backstory and motives: Very little is known about why he drives people to suicide or makes them sick. Those who have studied his mythology believe he is a spirit from the Underworld who drags his victims to him out of a desire to be together with them. Others think this is just a myth he spread himself and that his real motives are far more alien and sinister.
Name: Satan's bug
Classification: a hideous and terrifying beast that roams the Sahara. Has the body of a tarantula, the head and face of an old, ugly woman with long grey hair and a massive jaw filled with sharp, serrated teeth. 
Age: thousands of years.
Size, weight and height: 6 tons in weight, 20 metres in diameter and 4 metres in height.
Powers and abilities: fast enough to catch up with a running camel within 10 seconds from 100 metres away. Sharp teeth easily cuts through humans and camels. Massive legs crushes humans and camels. Hideousness causes some people to faint and some to die of fear. Size plus loads and loads of hair enables the beast to survive and quickly recover from huge amounts of sword, spear, arrow and gunfire wounds. The ability to dig hundreds of metres underground and go decades without food enables the beast to escape pursuing armies.
Backstory and motives: has been terrorising travellers for thousands of years. Likes the taste of human and camel flesh.
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