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Asian Golden Cat v Shiba Inu
(06-29-2019, 06:14 PM)Kazanshin Wrote: ^Your link led me to a brand site, not to a story between a fog and a caracal. Furthermore, your quote doesn't mention the breed or condition of the dog. This means nothing.

It was an Anatolian shepard, and this link may temporarily work:

Quote:A dog called Beska was in a fight with a caracal and was badly injured, but still managed to bring its herd safely home. 


Dog was in good condition since it could lead the herd back home.

It's just that dogs are proportionally bad fighters compared to wild felids.
Apex, are you seriously still doing this? The Caracal attack could and likely was similar to the Lynx attacking the Wolf, clawing it badly and then the Canine running away, not being anywhere near close to kill the dog in the actual fight.

If you can't explain stuff based on behavior, anatomy and weaponry, and only on "its domestic and all things domestic with dog in it is bad" then you don't know the opposite side enough to draw a conclusion. We have already been over the Anatolian female that walked 11km or more after a Leopard mauling, an old pet Dogo Argentino surviving more than 20 seconds against a similar sized Pantherine tier cat, for not forgetting your past cherry picked quotes where you did not mention the impressive text of the dogs being mentioned right after you stopped your quotes.
(06-29-2019, 06:49 PM)Drassodes Wrote:
(06-29-2019, 03:37 PM)Kazanshin Wrote:
(06-29-2019, 10:22 AM)The normal guy Wrote:
(06-29-2019, 09:53 AM)Kazanshin Wrote:
(06-29-2019, 08:55 AM)Lycaon Wrote: While there are many smaller dogs that can take on the Asian golden cat, I don't think the Shiba inu is one of them.

And why is that? Japanese spitz breeds are quite the nasty fellas if you ask me.

The shiva inu isn't seen this way man.... probably more as a intelligent and loyal dog not agressive at all and who doesn't seem to get in conflict with others dogs. IDK but maybe japanese movies exagerates the feats of the dog or it is your favorite dog... but this matchup is a lost for the shiba inu
I'm pretty sure if anyone knows about Shibas more Ethan people, it's the Japanese. Shibas have been used throughout Japanese history as badger dogs, bird dogs, deer dogs and fox dogs, hunting just about everything and anything there is to hunt in Japan. Tales of brave dogs chasing away wolves and monkeys are common. The popular opinion of the outsiders who know only the cute face of the Shiba is out of the question.

Such stories tend to amount to exactly jack squat because there is little evidence behind them.

While breeds like jagdterrier and patterdale terriers have tangible evidence behind them

They were literally bred to hunt badgers. What the hell do you not understand? Should I speak to you in Klingon or Borg to understand? What am I supposed to give you as evidence? In the meantime, you can have this:

The title claims it's a Kai Ken, but comparing its size to the Sika deer it's far more similar to that of a Kuro Shiba Inu.
(06-29-2019, 09:53 AM)Kazanshin Wrote: And why is that? Japanese spitz breeds are quite the nasty fellas if you ask me.
While the Japanese spitz are known for their fiery personality and their readiness to engage in combat, the shiba inu suffers the most of the native 6 in regards to being watered down. There are no working lines of the modern shiba inu that I know of. At best if we used the Jomon shiba we DO have a chance for the dog to win. As Jomon shiba, while uncommon, are still hunted in some parts.

On the other hand if we used a kishu ken, a female that would fall into the weight range of the asian golden cat, I'd readily favor the dog. Kishu ken have been used on bobcats before it became illegal to run dogs on them in the west coast.

(06-29-2019, 07:32 PM)Kazanshin Wrote: The title claims it's a Kai Ken, but comparing its size to the Sika deer it's far more similar to that of a Kuro Shiba Inu.
Kai ken can be small too, they are the second smallest of the nihon ken. I've seen a couple only a few pounds heavier than some shiba inu. 

Don't think I've ever seen a black shiba online or in person. I was under the impression that black and tan was as dark as they get.
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I think all the japanese spitz breeds are just different sizes of the same basic animal. I'm compelled to extend that to all spitz in general. The shiba is worryingly popular due to the "doge" meme and is no doubt in prime position to undergo a steep decline but still... one raised rough and rugged is potentially a well rounded primitive "dog" that can handle itself.
Probably not well enough to beat an asian golden cat larger than itself though. For that you would need a small bull terrier type dog or patterdale.
9 to 16 kg cat vs 10.5 kg dog?

That's 12.5 kg cat vs 10.5 kg dog.

Lmao.. Cat kills brutally.
[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcT3njqF11jQ7D2WpTr-l...iTQwMphaum]
Actually Dale Earnfart , there is a huge variation among the japanese breeds in regard to temperament, and it carries over to how they hunt game. You have the kishu ken for example, which will hunt hard style like a gripping dog, not as specialized or reckless, but it will throw itself in harms way far more often then the rest of the Japanese spitz. Then you have the shikoku ken, which can be used on the exact same game as the kishu ken but it will more likely bay as opposed to stop prey physically.

The modern shiba inu or akita inu are almost never worked. Their more unruly variations, the jomon shiba and the matagi inu (almost non existent) are few and far between but are the best bet should you want an example of the breed that would hunt.

I'd favor a smaller kishu ken over an akita inu against a boar, even against eachother.

For some reason I can't accesses a working version of the "full reply" section, but I do have a few examples of jomon shiba, and I think such dogs could handle a golden cat. Eventually I hope to be able to post it.
^ Again, Lycaon, when you boldly claim that "...such dogs could handle a G-cat", is that solely a matter of opinion,
or can you actually cite some reputable facts to base you view upon, realistically? If so, please do so...

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