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Which skull type more effective?
Which skull type's bite is more effective? Wide and short like felids or narrow and long like canids?

Bite force is equalized.

Which skull type's bite is more effective in "one bite"?

1) Slicing.
2) Crushing.
[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcT3njqF11jQ7D2WpTr-l...iTQwMphaum]
Nile crocodile/ saltwater crocodile maybe ?
Just a normal guy who want to learn things !
Canids bite is more effective.
@ Uncia, you relly need to clarify, "more effective..." at what?

& "One bite..." to what purpose?
More effective for doing what?
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What is with you and Felids? Like, legit seek help.
There are many types of people in this world; None of them are as smart as they think they are.
What is up with the emphasis on cat vs dog threads? And it depends on what you want for the skull. I'm assuming by "effeincy" you mean in head to head combat which I personally favor the canid's due to having a longer reach and more of a area to bite.
[Image: Grant-Atkinson-Chiefs-Camp-_Y8A4541.CR2_0276.jpg]
See here below for canid skull-type/biting usage:
^ Well, sure, if by "...more of an area to bite." - you mean - 'the dirt'!

If you care to check the research ( that I've posted, earlier today) you'll duly learn,
the larger the prey tackled by canids, the relatively shorter their jaws must be,
but of course, cats done got that particular one - worked out - from the get go...
both are effective, the one can deliver proper killing bite either crushing or slicing.
Surprised no one mentioned thylacaleo in regards to slicing.
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