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Predator - prey relationships
Warning: Graphic Image and Video

Hyena mauls warthog:

[Image: hsx8GS2.png]

link for full video:

Eventually, the warthog was eaten alive.
Harpy eagle taking prey to the nest.

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Recently a photograph shocked everyone: in the same mouth of Ecotur, a group of people witnessed a harpy eagle catching and devouring a lamb, in an image that impressed all who watched. If the Serra da Bodoquena was already the target of bird watchers who sought to find this great predator, after these images the desire only increased.

[Image: Harpia+Boca+da+Onça+Francisca+do+Carmo+F...io12+1.jpg]
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Cape fox 

[Image: 7f0c815c0c2ebf52a79e45ba5fad8c93]

Honey badger 

[Image: BadgerMarius.jpg]
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That times the Honey badgers cared...

[Image: crocodile-honey-badger-kruger-national-p...-10-12.jpg]

[Image: i7b6Ts9.jpg?1]

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