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Animal vs. Animal Pictorial; These are accounts of natural confrontations.
Visitors to the Dierenrijk zoo, in the Netherlands, were witnesses to a horrific and violent attack by a sloth of four brown bears who tore a female wolf to pieces right before their eyes.

“The two-year-old she-wolf came out of the water with another wolf when she was attacked by the bear,” a zoo spokesperson told the NL Times. The attack took place in Mierlo near Eindhoven on Monday.

Two other wolves tried to intervene but were kept at bay by a fourth bear who later joined in on the savagery and helped tear the victim limb from limb.

ADMIN - video deleted: animal cruelty. Mixed enclosure Carnivore displays resulting in needless deaths of animals is not something this forum condones.
Mongoose actively hassles young lions until one finally administers 'an attitude correction' smack-down.
That wolf being ripped apart was hard to watch..... I have no idea why they still have these mixed predator enclosures.
craziest thing is they said they will continue to keep the bears and wolfs with eachother. they should be shut down
Bears and wolves in mixed enclosures always seem to work put fine, with little or no aggressive interactions. I just think there was too many bears in this one enclosure
Leopard lifts hyenas feet from the ground in tug of war from tree:

Female leopard almost attacks hyena (or hyena was killed / I don't know about that / no information and no video)

[Image: T0hFO41.jpg]
[Image: VNHcUmQ.jpg]
[Image: XcRQLTs.jpg]

Male leopard attacks hyena 

[Image: YEo1VVF.jpg]
[Image: BGNaYVm.jpg]
[Image: kqlnltd.jpg]

Hyena killed and eaten by a lions 

There is blood and video (fresh carcass)

[Image: lX9k2tZ.jpg]
[Image: eLeV2bL.jpg]

"Young leopard killed and eaten by a hyenas" (it looks like a scavengery)

There is no blood and video (not fresh carcass)

[Image: pkRw8Eh.jpg]
[Image: N99ZUUx.jpg]
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